Photovoltaic Test Facility

Five different types of solar arrays have been installed on Cramer Hall, representing five different types of technology with five different types of inverters:

Photowatt (105 W, 12 panels) – polycrystalline silicon / PVP 1100 inverter

Sanyo HIP (195 W, 9 panels) – monocrystalline silicon / SMA 3000 inverter

Evergreen (190 W, 6 panels) – monocrystalline (ribbon) silicon / Solectra PVI 1800 inverter

Kaneka (60 W, 10 panels) – amorphous thin-film silicon / SMA 700 U inverter

Unisolar (68 W, 12 panels) – flexible amorphous silicon (on a standing seam roof) / Fronius IG 2000 inverter

Green Roofs Integrated with Photovoltaic Arrays

The green roof project includes five large pans (12 x 15 feet), each of which have four solar panels (SolarWorld 175W) installed over the back half of the pans. These pans have been planted with a variety of species intended to be optimized for the Portland area. Pans 1 and 3 have sedums only, and pans 2 and 4 also have a variety of grasses and other native species.  Pans 1 and 2 have been irrigated over the summer, and pans 3 and 4 have had no irrigation other than the natural rainfall.  Pan 5 includes a collection of smaller trays with different vegetation that can be moved in and out relatively easily.  On a separate section of the roof, there are eight solar panels intended to serve as controls.  Monitoring of the various functions of green roofs and the output of the solar arrays will test the hypotheses that plants grow better with partial shade and solar panels perform better with a cooler underlayer.

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